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Advanced Vehicle Stabilization

Course Description:
This course is designed to provide Fire Fighters with a better understanding of the current techniques available for the swift extrication of victims from a variety of vehicle entrapments.


Course Details 
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Course Name: 

Advanced Vehicle Stabilization 



Course Code: 


Instructional Hours: 


Student Manuals: 

Not Provided 



To Schedule Course: 

Apply to Region Supervisor-See Schedule a Course 

Instructor Fee: 


Student Application: 

Apply to Course Manager 


Student Prerequisites:
·        Eighteen years of age or older
·        Member of an organized Michigan Fire Department 


Written Test:

Practical Test:

To schedule this course, the following forms must be completed and submitted to the appropriate Region Supervisor. Attention must be given to the instructions included with each form for proper submission. 
Title  Description 
BCCFS-110  Course Application 


Document Type 
Instructor list for the Advanced Vehicle Stabilization Course. Please address all questions to the appropriate Region Supervisor. 

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