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Child Care Centers, Institutions and Camps - Submitting Plans

When a child care center, child caring institution or a children's camp is contemplating renovation, addition, remodeling or new construction, a set of construction plans are to be submitted to this office.  The "Application for Child Care Plan Review" form must be filled out completely and accompany the plan submittal. Upon forwarding, these plans will be reviewed by appropriate staff of the Bureau of Fire Services, Fire Marshal Division, Child Care Section, and a plan review letter returned to the submitter.


Plans are to be drawn to scale (usually 1/4" = 1 foot) on 18 X 24 graph paper or equivalent. Exterior dimensions, interior room dimensions and room usage must be designated.


Also, the following basic information must be provided:

  1. The type of building materials which are to be used for construction, i.e., masonry or frame)
  2. The structures total number of floors, including the basement
  3. The interior finish of the walls and ceilings, i.e., drywall, paint, paneling)
  4. Door size, type, and direction of swing, type of door hardware, i.e., metal, wood, labeled, etc.)
  5. Type of furnace and water heating equipment, i.e., fuel fired, electric)
  6. Fire detection or suppression system to be. provided, if any
  7. Fire extinguisher type and location
  8. Areas of the building to be used for child care


Plans and specifications for construction, remodeling, or an addition that involves the practices of architecture or engineering, as defined by the provisions of 1980 PA 299, known as the Occupational Code, shall bear the seal of an architect or professional engineer who is licensed in accordance with 1980 PA 299.when the cost of the project, including labor and materials, exceeds $15,000.


The Bureau of Fire Services, Fire Marshal Division, Child Care Section may be contacted at 517-335-3529.

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