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Name Availability Search

Name Availability Search

This is a screening device to help search for name availability, however, final determination of whether a name is available for use is made during the review process when a document is submitted for filing. 

Distinguishable Upon The Record
The proposed names for corporations, limited liability companies, and limited partnerships must be distinguishable upon the record from other active corporation names, limited liability company names, limited partnership names, any active assumed names, and any active name reservations or name registrations.  A name is distinguishable on the record if it has a different sequence of letters or numbers.  However, distinctions such as punctuation, and words like company, limited partnership, limited liability company and all of their abbreviations at the end of the name are not distinguishable.  For a complete explanation, please review the Name Availability Guidelines,  Part 1 and Part 2 under Corporations Division Publications 

Restricted Words 
The names of corporations, limited liability companies, and limited partnerships cannot contain words or phrases, or abbreviations prohibited or restricted by another statute of this state, unless in compliance with the restriction.  There are also words and abbreviations that may be restricted, prohibited, or may be permitted in certain instances as provided in various federal statutes, Attorney General opinions, and Bureau policy.

Please view the Restricted Word List to see words, abbreviations, and phrases where use in a name may be restricted or prohibited and also the explanation for each, and web links to state and federal statutes, Attorney General opinions, and Bureau Policy Statements.

If you require legal advice as to what may or may not be permissible in a name, please consult with your attorney.


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