Deregulation of Land Sales Act


Deregulation of Land Sales Registration

Repeal of Public Act 286 of 1972 and Section 2511(2) of Occupational Code PA 299 of 1980


Governor Granholm signed into law Public Act 49 of 2010 (repeals the Land Sales Act) and Public Act 48 of 2010 (repeals only Section 2511(2) of Occupational Code) effective April 22, 2010. 


The Land Sales Act, 1972 PA 286 (MCL 565.801 - 565.835 ) was enacted in the 1970's to protect Michigan residents from land developers who promised more than they were actually planning to deliver.  However, the consumer protection that the law was designed to provide is no longer needed as there have been no consumer complaints regarding land sales for more than 20 years.  Furthermore, state regulation largely duplicated federal regulation under the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act.  The existence of the federal law assures that the abuses of land sales schemes hatched in the 1970's will not reappear.  The bills were sponsored by Representative Harold Haugh and were requested by the Department of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs.