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Cosmetology - Rule Changes

Agency: Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

Effective July 15, 2004, the following rules have been updated:


R338.2101(l) is added to clarify that all definitions from the Occupational Code are the same in this rule set.


R338.2139 adds subsections (3) and (4) to clarify policies on examinations, and when it is necessary to retake a prelicensure examination.


R338.2141 adds provisions clarifying that an instructor must be present to supervise students when they are performing practical training techniques, and what instructors are authorized to teach.


R338.2151 Eliminates the requirement for an apprenticeship bond.


R338.2161a through 338.2163e Add provisions to allow hours completed for one type of license that are duplicated in another program for a specialty license can be used for both, without having to repeat the hours, and under what circumstances.


R338.2179e clarifies blood spill procedures which are less burdensome than the prior rule.


R338.2179g Adds prohibitions for operating without posting a current license and failing to provide proof of identity to an inspector from the department.

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