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What is a Rule?

Definition of a Rule

An administrative rule is an agency's written regulation, statement, standard, policy, ruling, or instruction that has the effect of law. A state agency writes rules under authority of state statute, the Michigan Administrative Procedures Act, the Michigan Constitution, and applicable federal law.

MCL 24.207 defines the term "rule" as follows: Rule

Forms for Administrative Rules
Administrative Rules Process Summary
Request for Rule-Making
Regulatory Impact Statement and Cost Benefit Analysis
Adopted Guideline
Agency Report to the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules
Legislative Service Bureau Style

Your Rights and the Rulemaking Process

Rulemaking Process Rights

Michigan citizens have several opportunities to make their voice heard with respect to the rulemaking process. First, a public hearing will be held for all rules which are subject to the full rulemaking process. At the hearing, members of the public may present data, views, questions, and arguments with respect to the rule set in question. Information regarding a public hearing for a particular rule set can be found by selecting "Pending Rule Changes" and clicking on the "History" button for the relevant rule set.

Following promulgation of a rule, the public may seek a declaratory ruling from the promulgating agency regarding the applicability of the rule to a particular set of facts, pursuant to MCL 24.263

Finally, the public may challenge a promulgated rule by seeking a judicial determination as to the validity or applicability of a rule, pursuant to MCL 24.264

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