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Construction Safety Publications

Occupational Safety Topics
Construction Safety System Management Personal Protective Equipment
Hazard Communication/
MIOSHA Services Work Surfaces: Slips, Trips & Falls
Other Safety Topics Construction Fact Sheets
Tool Box Talks  
General Industry Safety Topics Occupational Health Topics
Publication Title Publication # Revision Date Type/Order Form
Construction Safety System Management      
Construction Safety & Health Management System (Accident Prevention Program) Guide SP #1 03/11 Plan
MIOSHA Construction Standards Training Requirements SP #3 09/13 Plan
Top 25 Construction Safety Violations SP #11 07/11 Plan
MIOSHA Overview SP #20 (Under Revision) 09/09 Plan
Residential Fall Protection SP #35 07/14 Plan
Safety Policies for Construction Operations 0138 01/04 Brochure
Sample Fall Protection Plan for Residential Construction Work 0184 05/12  
Construction Hand Signals (Small) 0210 (Small) (Under Revision) 12/03 Card
Construction Hand Signals (Large) 0210 (Large) (Under Revision) 12/03 Card
Job Site Safety Checklist 0187 07/13  
Other Safety System Management Publications      
Tool Box Talks      
Focus Four Fatalities in Construction   07/13  
Guardrails for Fall Protection   11/13  
Holes on the Job Site   11/13  
Housekeeping: Keep the Jobsite Cleaned Up!   07/13  
Personal Fall Arrest Systems   07/13  
Personal Protective Equipment   04/14  
Portable Ladders   07/13  
Rough Terrain Fork Truck Scaffolds   07/13  
Scaffolding Basics   07/13  
Work Surfaces: Slips, Trips & Falls      
Construction Safety (Slips, Falls, Ladder, Scaffolds) 0119 (pdf / html) 02/08 Brochure
Scaffold Safety

(Legal size)

10/04 Poster
MIOSHA Fatal Facts: Falls That Kill 0168 (doc / pdf) 03/11 Fact Sheets
Threshold Heights Requiring Fall Prevention/Protection 0172 04/14  
Other Work Surface Publications      
Other Safety Topics      
Tomorrow Will it Be You? (Construction Fatalities in Michigan 0132 01/04 Brochure
Construction Industry Fact Sheet (Youth Initiative) 0162 (doc / pdf) 05/07 Fact Sheets
Youth Fatal Facts in Construction (Page 2) 0173 (doc / pdf) 05/07 Fact Sheets
Contractor's Directory to Overhead Power Line Safety Information 0192 11/14  
Excavations, Trenching, and Shoring - Five Important Safety Rules 0204 08/11 Card
DANGER Restricted Zone Wall Unstable in Wind 0319 07/12 Poster
DANGER - No Smoking Or Open Flames 0321 02/12 Poster
DANGER Energized Electrical Power Circuit 0323 (html / pdf) 01/12 Poster
DANGER - Hard Hat Area 0324 03/13 Poster
DANGER - Do Not Enter 0325 02/12 Poster
More Safety Publications      

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