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Adaptive Technology Center


Adaptive Products Available for Public Use 

Scott Norris, the Braille and Talking Book Library (BTBL) adaptive technology librarian, is available to familiarize you with this equipment. Please call for an appointment.

I. Screen Readers 

Since we moved to the NT platform we are now using the JAWS for Windows (JFW) screen reading program at our adapted public workstations. This program is available to the public on three workstations located in the BTBL public service area. Please see our JAWS Cheat Sheetfor a keystroke guide for beginning users.

II. Reading Machines 

There are three reading machines at the Library of Michigan. These include a Kurzweil Personal Reader and a Kurzweil 1000 program loaded on a computer with an attached Hewlett-Packard 6350 scanner located in the BTBL public service area. There is also a Xerox Reading Edge located in the main reference area on the second floor. 

Kurzweil Personal Reader 

III. Screen Magnification 

We also have multiple workstations loaded with the ZoomText screen magnification program. These workstations are located in the BTBL public service area, the main reference area, and the state law library.

IV. Braille Printer 

Juliet Pro 60 Braille embosser 

In our public service area we have one Juliet Pro 60 Braille embosser. This interpoint embosser produces Braille on both sides of the paper at the same time. The embosser is connected to a Windows 2000 computer equipped with the Duxbury Braille translation program and Word for Windows. 

V. Braille Display 

The Blazie Engineering PowerBraille, resembling a piano keyboard, allows the blind computer user to read the screen using refreshable Braille. Refreshable Braille is a series of electrically operated pins organized in six or eight dot Braille cells that move up and down to form letters and numbers allowing the computer user to simultaneously access the information displayed on the screen. This device sits in front of the monitor with the keyboard on top. The 81 Braille cells and all the controls are accessed in front of the computer keyboard allowing the user quick navigation of the screen.

VI. Speech Synthesizers 

The library has a variety of synthesizers attached to its workstations using the JFW screen reading program. The computer in the BTBL public service area is equipped with the Eloquence for JFW synthesizer and the Artic Technologies Mini Transport. The workstation in the main reference area is equipped with the DECtalk Express and the eloquence for JFW synthesizers. The workstation in the state law library is equipped with the Artic Technologies Mini Transport and the Eloquence for JFW synthesizers.

VII. Closed Circuit Television 

The library has five Telesensory Aladdin Rainbow Reader closed circuit televisions (CC/TVs). One located in the BTBL public service area, two located in the genealogy area on the second floor of the Library of Michigan, one in the state law library, and one is available for loan to patrons registered with the BTBL. We have patrons who come in to use the Reader to keep their checkbooks, or pick up lost stitches in their knitting. Call ahead to make sure the loanable machine is available if you would like to check it out! 

Telesensory Aladdin Rainbow Reader closed circuit television (CCTVs) 

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