Enforcement Division

  • Disciplinary Action Reports

    Information reported in these Disciplinary Action Reports results from an Order of a Licensing Board or other appropriate issuing authority.

  • Protecting Consumers One of the major goals of the Corporations, Securities, & Commercial Licensing Bureau is to protect consumers through the licensing and regulation of over 400,000 licensees offering services in the following professions, occupations, businesses and services.
  • Avoid A Complaint if Possible

    Consumer caution may be the best way to avoid problem situations or disputes. As a consumer you should make sure that the person you are dealing with is licensed

  • Contractual Considerations

    For services where a contract is involved, request a contract and ensure the following:

Documenting and Filing A Complaint

  • Documenting Your Complaint

    To ensure a successful investigation process, you should collect copies of relevant documents such as:

  • Filing A Complaint

    Your complaint must be in writing and signed. Describe the factual basis for the allegation.