Copies of Documents, Certificates or General Inquiries

Agency: Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

Copies of documents, certificates of good standing or other certificates may be requested at 517-241-6470, or fax request in to 517-241-0538. They can also be requested on an expedited basis from 8:00am - 5:00pm. An expedited fee of 25% of the total cost for copies or certificates is charged for expedited service at the counter or when customers request copies or certificates for expedited documents being filed thru Mich Elf. Expedited orders are completed by the end of the next business day.

CERTIFICATES AND COPIES: Requests for copies of documents, certificates of good standing, or other documents may be faxed to 517-241-0538 using form, CSCL/CD 274. Requests may be placed by calling our Business Services Section at 517-241-6470. If order is over 20 pages, it will be put in the mail. 

Cost for this service: $10.00 per certificate, $1.00 per page for copies (minimum $6.00 per order). 

  • Payments can be made in person in the form of cash, check or credit card (Visa and MasterCard are accepted). Our office address is 2501 Woodlake Circle, Okemos. Link to directions 
  • Payments by mail can be made by check or money order payable to the State of Michigan. The address is LARA, Corporations Division, P.O. Box 30054, Lansing, MI  48909

- OR -

You may view and print filed documents out from our Business Entity Search  application. Key in the name or ID number of the entity and click on Search. Find the entity and click on it, then click on Images Available and it will bring up a listing of the filed documents for the entity. Click on the camera icon to the left of the image you want to view. Once the image is on the screen you will have the ability to print it out. 

The new dynamic website is updated within minutes so Mich-Elf filings can be reviewed after document is filed within 1 hour. Paper submitted documents that have been filed can be viewed on the Business Entity Search within 48 hours after they are filed.  Business Entity Search 

Note: Cannot view information for pending records, name reservations or name registrations. 

RECORDS: Inquires about filing requirements for documents or annual reports and request for information about specific entities may be faxed to 517-241-0538.