Expedited Services Frequently Asked Questions

Agency: Licensing and Regulatory Affairs


Is expedited service available for filing documents and reports? 

Yes, on November 21, 2005, Governor Granholm signed into law legislation, Public Acts 217, 218, 219 and 220, all effective January 1, 2006, authorizing new expedited services for the formation of business entities and nonprofit corporations. In addition, the legislation provides that expedited services are also available to existing entities when submitting any other documents.

What happened to the 48-hour service for MICH-ELF?
The ad hoc 48-hour service did not meet the needs of our customers. Legislation included in the jobs package signed by Governor Granholm November 21, 2005, is in response to demand for faster turnaround time. The legislation establishes four expedited service options: 24-hours, same day, 2-hour and 1-hour. Customers can choose the option that best meets their needs. The statutory review period for documents, other than annual reports and annual statements, is 10 days. Documents submitted for regular review by U.S. mail, in person, or through MICH-ELF are reviewed in the order received. The customer is notified if the document cannot be filed.

Can I request expedited filing after I have already submitted my document or report?
The statutes provide that the request for expedited service must be made when the document or report is submitted for review.

I faxed my document 2 days ago. Why is it still pending, and not filed?
The statutory review period for documents is 10 days. No request for expedited service was included with your document.

Why do I have to update my filer account or apply for a filer number prior to submitting a document through MICH-ELF for expedited service?
Updating an existing filer account or establishing a new filer account may take up to 2 hours. Documents cannot be assigned for review unless a filer number is included on the MICH-ELF Cover Sheet (CSCL/CD-900) or Expedited Services Request Form (CSCL/CD-272). Payment of expedited fees and the regular fees applicable to the specific document are due when the document is submitted for review. The filer account is required to pay by credit card through MICH-ELF.

I want to overnight my document, report or annual statement to your office, what is the address I use for overnight delivery service?
Documents, reports or annual statements may be submitted to our office: by U.S. mail, by using our MICH-ELF filing service (documents only), or in person. Mail is received at various post office boxes noted on the forms and statements/reports.

Current year annual reports and annual statements for limited liability companies and Michigan profit and nonprofit corporations can now be filed online at www.michigan.gov/fileonline. The filing is immediate therefore there is no expedited service available for online annual reports or statements.

Am I required to use expedited service?
No, expedited service options are for those customers who desire expedited service for review of documents and reports or statements. Non-expedited documents are reviewed within 10 days. Annual reports and annual statements are reviewed in the order received but are not subject to the 10 day review period.