Allegation Process-FAQ's

The Allegation Section within the Enforcement Division receives allegations against licensed health care professionals, gathers preliminary information, and determines whether investigations of the allegations should be authorized. Following investigation by the Investigation Division, the Enforcement Section within the Enforcement Division drafts formal administrative complaints and attends compliance conferences to attempt to resolve the complaints. The Enforcement Section also processes applications for reinstatement of revoked or suspended licenses or reclassification of disciplinary limited licenses, and maintains the department's disciplinary records for health professionals.

For your convenience, you may click on the link below to obtain the required forms to file an allegation. By clicking on this link, you will be directed to the allegation packet, which contains the Allegation form, Treatment Data form and the Authorization for Release of Privileged/Client Information form. It is essential that you complete all three forms. 

The Allegation form provides us with the basic information needed to determine if the allegation falls under our purview. 

The Treatment Data form provides us with the information needed to subpoena treatment records should the matter progress to that level. This information should include any subsequent health care providers you saw or consulted with in regard to your issue, if appropriate.

The Authorization for Release of Privileged/Client Information form is required so that we can obtain copies of your treatment records from those health care providers involved with your care and treatment. Please be sure to complete a form for every health care provider involved with your care and treatment (ie, primary care physician, any subsequent treating health care provider, any hospital or clinic you went to for treatment regarding your issue, etc.).

Please ensure that all requested information is as complete as possible and that the Authorization for Release of Privileged/Client Information form is witnessed. An appropriate review of your allegation will be hindered if the information is incomplete. Once completed, please fax or mail all documents to:

Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
Bureau of Health Care Services 
Enforcement Division
Allegation Section
PO Box 30454 
Lansing, MI 48909 

Fax: 517-241-2389 

Allegation Packet 

Citizens Guide to Filing an Allegation 

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