Federal and State Legislation


42 CFR §482.60, Special provisions applying to psychiatric hospitals.
42 CFR §482.61, Condition of participation:  Special medical record requirements for psychiatric hospitals.
42 CFR §482.62, Condition of participation:  Special staff requirements for psychiatric hospitals.

42CFR, Chapter IV, Part 483 (Code of Federal Regulations - Requirements for States and long-term care facilities) 

42CFR, Chapter IV, Part 493 (Code of Federal Regulations - Laboratory Requirements) 
42CFR, Chapter 7, Subchapter XI, Part A, 1320a-7 (Code of Federal Regulations - Exclusion of certain individuals and entities from participation in Medicare and State health care programs)
42CFR, Volume 2, Part 413, Subpart H 413.174(c) (Code of Federal Regulations - Prospective rates for end-stage renal disease (ESRD) services and organ procurement) 

Conditions for Coverage (CfCs) & Conditions of Participations (CoPs) (Minimum federal health and safety standards for health facilities) 
Mammography Quality Standards Act of 1992 (MQSA) 

Consumer Price Index Increase of Medical Records Access Act Fees 
Health Facility Whistleblowers' Protection Act (Public Act 731 of 2002, MCL 333.20180)
Mental Health Code (Public Act 258 of 1974) 

Whistleblowers' Protection Act   (Public Act 469 of 1980) 

Michigan Administrative Rules



Administrative Action for Mentally Ill Persons

R 330.4011-330.4089


Certificate of Need 

R 325.9101-325.9419



R 325.1213-325.1217


Freestanding Surgical Outpatient Facilities 

R 325.3801-325.3877


Health Care Facilities Fire Safety 

R 29.1801-29.1871



R 325.13101-325.13543


Licensing of Facilities (Psychiatric) 

R 330.1201-330.1299


Minimum Standards for Hospitals (Medical) 

R 325.1001-325.1100


Nursing Home and Nursing Care Facilities 

R 325.20101-325.22004


Rights of Recipients (Psychiatric Patient Rights, Rules) 

R 330.7001-330.7260


Public Inspection of License Records 

R 325.1281-325.1282

Michigan Penal Code (P.A. 328 of 1931, Chapter XXA; Vulnerable Adults) 
Public Act 27 of 2006 (Background checks and fingerprinting for employees of psychiatric and intermediate care facilities.) 
Public Act 28 of 2006 (Background checks and fingerprinting for employees of nursing homes, county medical care facilities, hospices, hospitals that provides swing bed services, homes for the aged, or home health agencies.)

Public Health Code  (Public Act 368 of 1978) 


Certificate of Need 

Article 17, Part 222, MCL 333.22201 to 333.22260 


Definitions, Terminal Illness 

Article 5, Part 56A, MCL 333.5653 


Facilities and Agencies 

Article 17, 368-1978-17-201 to 368-1978-17-222 


Freestanding Surgical Outpatient Facilities 

Article 17, Part 208, MCL 333.20801 to 333.20821 


General Provisions for Health Facilities and Agencies 

Article 17, Part 201, MCL 333.20101 to 333.20211 



Article 17, Part 214, MCL 333.21401 to 333.21421 



Article 17, Part 215, MCL 333.21501 to 333.21571 


Lead analysis, Clinical Laboratory Reporting Requirements 

Article 17, Part 205, MCL 333.20531 


Nursing Homes 

Article 17, Part 217, MCL 333.21701 to 333.21799e 


Recommended Medical Treatment for Advanced Medical Illness 

Article 5, Part 56A, MCL 333.5655 


Visits to Health Facilities and Agencies 

Article 17, Part 201, MCL 333.20155