Fire Safety Plan Review/ Qualified Fire Inspectors

Importance of Fire Safety 

Fire safety inspections are a necessary part of the licensing process. It is a means of assuring that the buildings used by a licensed children's camp are in compliance with essential fire safety requirements for licensure.

Procedures for Requesting Fire Safety Plan Reviews 

Architectural plan reviews will be provided by the Bureau of Community and Health Systems, Environmental Health and Safety Section at no cost to the applicant or licensee. The applicant or licensee must submit a set of construction plans, along with the Application for Child Care Plan Review (BCHS-FS-13) as outlined on the form. If the total cost of the project is $15,000 or more, the plans must be prepared and sealed by a registered architect or engineer licensed in the State of Michigan. After the plans are reviewed, a plan review letter will be emailed to the submitter.   

Procedures for Requesting Fire Safety Inspections (bi-ennial, conversions, consultations)

Fire safety inspections are to be obtained by the applicant or licensee from the individuals listed below.

Licensees are to arrange or contract with a qualified fire safety inspector, are responsible for the costs of obtaining the inspection and may only use those individuals who are listed below.

The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs will not accept a fire safety inspection report from any other authority, individual or organization not on the current list.

If you have further questions regarding this program, please contact your licensing consultant or the Environmental Health and Safety Section at 517-284-9702.

Approved Fire Inspectors 

Following is the list of independent qualified fire inspectors approved to conduct bi-ennial fire safety inspections, conversions and consultations for licensed children's camps.


Arthur E. Shaw

Michael T. Larabel
Byron Center

James L. Hall

Frederick C. Wille
Traverse City
231-631-7275 (Mobile) 

Linda Schluchter