Welcome to the Health Facilities Division

  • The Health Facilities Division is within the Bureau of Community and Health Systems. The Division is responsible for state licensing of hospitals (acute and psychiatric), freestanding surgical outpatient facilities, hospices (agencies and residences), partial psychiatric hospitalization programs, and substance abuse programs. The Division also conducts federal certification and survey activities for Michigan providers that want to participate in the Medicare/Medicaid programs (home health agencies, end stage renal disease facilities, rural health clinics, etc.). Finally, the Division conducts state plan reviews and construction permits for state licensed health facilities. To see what type of providers are covered by the Division, see Program and Services links below.

Programs and Services

  • Federal Certification
    • Comprehensive Outpatient Rehab Facilities
    • ESRDs
    • Home Health Agencies
    • Hospices
    • Hospitals
    • OPT/Speech Pathology
    • Portable X-ray Suppliers
    • PPS Exempt Rehab and Psych Units
    • Rural Health Clinics
    • Surgical Centers
    • Swing Beds
    • Clinical Laboratories (CLIA)