Welcome to the Health Professions Licensing Division

  • The Health Professions Licensing Division in the Bureau of Health Care Services, in conjunction with state licensing boards, regulates over 400,000 health professionals in Michigan who are licensed, registered, or certified under Articles 7 and 15 of the Michigan Public Health Code and pharmacy related facilities. The Health Professions Licensing Division also oversees the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program and the Health Professional Recovery Program.

    ** The online application for MDs and Educational Limited DOs are currently unavailable.  All MD and DO license applications can be downloaded from this website. 


    If you wish to contact the bureau by phone please be aware that we are currently experiencing heavy call volumes.  In addition, due to the high volume of license applications, it is taking at least 6-8 weeks to process each application.  Applications are processed in the order by date received.  To check the status of your application, please use your Customer ID number and log on at www.michigan.gov/appstatus.  If you applied in April, your application confirmation letter with your Customer ID number was recently mailed to your address of record.