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    The Federal government passed legislation in 1987 entitled the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA). One of the provisions of that legislation was the registration of nurse aides. A Nurse Aide is defined as any individual providing nursing or nursing-related services to residents in a long term care facility who is not a licensed health professional, a registered dietitian or a volunteer who provides such services without pay. Nurse Aides must complete a training program and pass a knowledge test and a clinical skills test before they can be registered in Michigan. The Long Term Care Division in the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs' Bureau of Health Care Services is responsible for the administration of the nurse aide program. We review and approve the training programs and contract with Prometric to develop and administer the tests. Prometric also maintains the Michigan Registry which is the master list of all the certified nurse aides in Michigan.

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Nurse Aide Registration Information

  • Nurse Aide Federal Rules & Regulations PDF icon
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  • Nurse Aide Registration Information

    Upon successful completion of both tests an applicant is issued a certificate by Prometric that allows them to work as a certified nurse aide (CNA) for two years.  At the end of each cycle a renewal notice is sent to the individual.  If the renewal form, documentation of employment as a nurse aide for at least eight hours in the certification cycle and renewal fee are returned to Prometric, a new certificate is issued for two years from the last date of verified employment.  EXAMPLE: Current certificate validity period is 4/30/09 to 4/30/11. Your last day of employment, as a CNA, was 9/14/10. The new certification document would be valid from 9/14/10 to 9/14/12 NOT 4/30/11 to 4/30/13. The renewal date begins with your last day of employment verified to Prometric. If the renewal form is not returned or is incomplete the certificate expires and the individual cannot work as a nurse aide in a long term care facility. For additional information regarding certified nurse aide training programs or an application for exemption from training (if you are unable to download a copy here), call 517-241-3136.

    To verify whether an individual is a certified nurse aide in Michigan contact the Michigan Nurse Aide Registry at 800-748-0252 or via the Prometric website at For other general information for certified nurse aides such as a practice test, candidate bulletin, etc. go to Prometric's website at

    For questions about testing and scheduling of tests contact Prometric or the Michigan Nurse Aide Customer Line at 800-752-4724.

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