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  • Pain & Symptom Management Legislation

    The regulations related to Pain and Symptom Management under the Occupational Regulation Sections of the Michigan Public Health Code are designed to enhance the quality of care available for Michigan citizens by reducing and removing roadblocks to access to pain and symptom management.  The statute includes a measure that is intended to give physicians clear legislative policy on using opiates for pain control without fear of prosecution.  Below is a brief overview of each section of the pertinent statute. Each section can be viewed in its entirety by selecting the link.

    Public Health Code section 333.7333

    This statute was amended in 2002 to lengthen the period of time to fill schedule 2 prescriptions, and to provide for prescriptions to be partially filled incrementally for terminally ill patients.

    Public Health Code section 333.16204

    This statute requires health care professionals to complete continuing education as a condition for license renewal (excluding sanitarians, veterinarians and veterinary technicians).  Individuals must complete an appropriate number of hours or courses in pain and symptom management as determined by their respective board.

    Public Health Code section 333.16204a

    This statute creates the Advisory Committee on Pain & Symptom Management, prescribes the membership of the committee and establishes their terms and duties.

    Public Health Code section 333.16204b

    This statute provides legislative support to address pain and symptom management issues and for enactment of legislation that supports the treatment of pain.

    Public Health Code section 333.16204c

    This statute provides legislative support for the use of controlled substances as being appropriate in the medical treatment of pain and enables the regulatory agencies to prevent the abuse and diversion of controlled substances by creating an electronic monitoring system.

    Public Health Code section 333.16204d

    This statute requires the department to develop, publish, and distribute an informational booklet on pain to include specific content.  In addition, the department, in conjunction with the controlled substances advisory commission, is required to develop and conduct an educational program for health professionals that covers specific topics.

    Public Health Code section 333.20201

    This statute describes rights and responsibilities of patients. Subsection (2)(o) addresses the "right to adequate and appropriate pain and symptom management".

    Michigan Board of Pharmacy Administrative Rules