MAPS Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do practitioners have to dispense controlled substances to be able to register to MAPS Online? 
A. No. All practitioners who prescribe controlled substances have the ability to register to MAPS Online to request patient reports on their patients.

Q. If a practitioner requests a MAPS report and detects possible illegal activity, can the practitioner give the MAPS report to a law enforcement agency?
A. No, the practitioner cannot give a MAPS report to anyone. The practitioner can call their local law enforcement agency and state their concerns. Law enforcement agencies have the ability to request MAPS reports for cases that involve illegal activity, ie, drug diversion.

Q. Can a practitioner request a MAPS report on any individual?
A. No. MAPS reports can only be requested for individuals who are a current patient of the practitioner.

Q. Can a practitioner request a MAPS report on other practitioners?
A. No. Practitioners may not request reports on other practitioners.

Q. Is MAPS compliant with the HIPAA Privacy Act?
A. Yes. All data is received and transmitted behind the State of Michigan firewall, which allows practitioners to comply with HIPAA security requirements. All data in the MAPS database is protected and only released to authorized users who certify they are treating a patient.

Q. What is the definition of a "dispensing practitioner"?
A. A dispensing practitioner is a practitioner who gives a prescription drug to a patient (to be consumed at a later date) in a container with written labeling instructions as to usage. Dispensing practitioners who dispense controlled substances in Schedules 2-5 must report this prescription data to MAPS.

Q. Does a practitioner that administers controlled substances need to report to MAPS?
A. No. When a practitioner administers a prescription drug, meaning the full dose of the prescription drug is administered in the practitioner's office and the patient does not leave the practitioner's office with the drug, the practitioner is not required to report this to MAPS.

Q. If a practitioner dispenses controlled substances and does not have online computer capabilities, how does the practitioner report dispensed controlled substances to MAPS?
A. A MAPS waiver form is available for practitioners who do not have online computer capabilities. If the waiver is approved, a paper claim form is completed by the dispensing practitioner for each controlled substance that is dispensed, which is then sent to the MAPS program for manual entry into the MAPS database. Waivers are only granted for practitioners in remote areas and/or who do not have computer equipment.

Q. How often do pharmacies and dispensing practitioners report prescription data to MAPS?
A. Submission of prescription data is currently required on a daily basis. Controlled substance prescription data shall be forwarded to MAPS by the end of the next business day and shall include data for all controlled substances dispensed since the previous transmission or report.