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Welcome to Statewide Library Services
  • Michigan Library and Historical CenterWelcome to Statewide Library Services We provide wide-ranging services to library staff and trustees around the state including MeL coordination, certification for librarians, LSTA administration, state aid and penal fines, Plinkit coordination, resources for library trustees and statistical data. Phone: 517-373-1580 Fax: 517-373-5700.

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Directories & Listservs
Click here for: Youth services at the Library of Michigan
Click here for: Information about Certification and Programs Available for Continuing Education
Click here for: Continuing education opportunities provided by, and recommended by, the Library of Michigan
Click here for: Various funding methods that Michigan libraries may employ.
Click here for: Library administration guidelines, particularly for public libraries in the state of Michigan
Click here for: Upcoming and ongoing library initiatives including archival information about Workforce Development.
Click here for: News, promotional materials and more information to help you make the most of MeL.
Click here for: The One State, One Preschool Book program of the Library of Michigan
Click here for: Information for Youth Librarians and Teachers
Click here for: State aid and penal fines for Michigan public libraries
Click here for: Summer reading! The great initiative to keep kids reading at grade level and explore books throughout the summer.
Click here for: Information on a range of technology topics of importance to Michigan libraries.