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Michigan Reads! 2007
  • Big Chickens by Leslie Helakoski
    Big Chickens
    Cover reprinted by permission of Penguin Young
    Readers Group

    Big Chickens tells the tale of four "cautious, careful, cowardly" chickens who run into the woods to hide from a wolf. Their adventure takes them through rivers and across pastures where they face their fears one after another until they

    finally reach a cave - and meet the wolf again! Have their adventures changed them and how they respond to the wolf?

About the Author and Illustrator

  • Leslie Helakoski, author of Big Chickens Leslie Helakoski, Big Chickens author Leslie Helakoski was born on March 21, 1960 in Abbeville, Louisiana. She and her five siblings often played in the woods where they encountered scary things like big ditches, cow pastures and wild waterways (er, bayous).

    Leslie received a bachelor's degree in Advertising Design from the University of Louisiana and an associate degree in Media Illustration from Northern Michigan University. She always wanted to be an artist but she didn't know she would become a writer. After many happy years in advertising, she turned her mind to illustrating children's books and ended up writing them instead.
  • Henry Cole, Illustrator Henry Cole, illustrator of Big Chickens

Big Chickens Activities