• Woolbur book coverMichigan Reads! 2013

    The Library of Michigan 2013 Michigan Reads! book was Woolbur written by Leslie Helakoski and illustrated by Lee Harper. In our 2013 book Woolbur, the pages are full of movement and activity as a lamb named Woolbur finds creative ways to go about his day. When Woolbur is asked to do things, he finds original ways to accomplish everyday tasks and shares his ideas with others. The story, the language, the joyfulness of Woolbur's actions, and the wonderful illustrations all come together to make Woolbur a go to book for both children and older readers as they learn how to go about their own day.

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Author and Illustrator

  • Leslie Helakoski and Lee Harper

    Meet the Woolbur author and illustrator!

    Leslie Helakoski Leslie Helakoski grew up in Louisiana and after living and working in many states, she now lives in southern Michigan. She says "As a child, when I dreamed of doing something, I was told "Of course you can do it!" This quote from Lewis Carroll is on my desk: "Why sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." Her many wonderful books show how well she can bring imagination and fun into her work! See more about her work and books at www.helakoskibooks.com




    Lee HarperLee Harper says "I always loved to draw. When I was a second grader my best friend's dad used to bring home piles of manila paper from his work and we would spend hours just doodling. We drew crazy cars, monsters, fighting machines, goofy people...that kind of stuff." Soon after, his love for doodling turned into a serious interest in being an artist. Woolbur was the first children's book he illustrated. He lives and works in Doylestown, Pennsylvania with his family, two cats and one dog. See more about his work and art at www.leeharperart.com