2005 & 2010: Broadside Press

cover of Roses and Revolutions, selected writings of Dudley RandallSpotlight on Dudley Randall and Broadside Press

Dudley Randall began Broadside Press to protect the copyright of his own poetry, and through this tiny operation, he eventually made widely known some of the most important Black poetic voices of the 20th century.  Even after Randall’s death, Broadside Press continues to be a significant publisher of African-American poetry and literary works under the name Broadside Lotus Press.  

Learn more about Randall and his valuable creation, Broadside Press in the two past Michigan Notable Books, a different image: the Legacy of broadside press: an anthology, edited by Gloria House, Rosemary Weatherston and Albert M. Ward (2005), and Roses and Revolutions; the Selected Writings of Dudley Randall, edited by Melba Joyce Boyd (2010). 

You can learn more about Broadside Lotus Press and what they are publishing and doing today at their website, Broadside Lotus Press.

Listen to a sample of Broadside poets online:

Gwendolyn Brooks
(read by the author)
When you have forgotten Sunday: the love story
Kitchenette Building

(Brooks' works read by an actor)
“A Song in the Front Yard,” “My Dreams, My Works Must Wait Til After Hell,” “The Bean Eaters,” “The Crazy Woman,” and “To be in Love”  

Ethridge Knight
(Knight's works read by an actor)
“No Moon Floods the Memory of That Night,” “Cell Song,” “As You Leave Me,” “The Idea of Ancestry,” and “For Freckle-Faced Gerald” 

Audre Lorde
(read by the author)
A Woman Speaks
Today is Not the Day

(read by an actor)
There is No Hierarchy of Oppressions (essay)

Haki Madhubuti
(read by the author)
Don’t Cry—Scream 
We Walk the Way of the New World 
Inteview with Haki Madhubuti 

(read by Orrin Tyrell)

Dudley Randall
(recited by Amir Matheney)
Ballad of Birmingham 

(Randall's works read by an actor)
“The Profile on the Pillow,” “Booker T. and W.E.B.,” “On Getting a Natural (For Gwendolyn Brooks),” “Langston Blues,” and “A poet is Not a Jukebox”

Sonia Sanchez
(Read by the author)
Liberation /Poem 
We Can Be 
Last Poem I’m Gonna Write About Us
My Poems (Interview with Sonia Sanchez) 

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