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Note: Beginning July 31, 2017, the State of Michigan will begin posting bid opportunities on the new SIGMA VSS system. SIGMA VSS replaces Buy4Michigan and Contract and Payment Express, providing one secure location for vendors to respond to solicitations and track payment information. Visit the SIGMA website for more information.
Between July 31, 2017 and October 1, 2017, MiDEAL members may post their solicitations on either SIGMAVSS or Buy4Michigan.  Instructions regarding both systems are shown below.
SIGMA Local Entities Job Aid
SIGMA Local Entities Reference Manual



The State of Michigan posts solicitations on the Buy4Michigan website. All MiDEAL members are welcome to post their solicitations on Buy4Michigan. To go to the site, please click the picture below:

Buy4Michigan Logo

Registration and Login Instructions

If you were a previous solicitation poster on the old bid system (Bid4Michigan), follow the instructions below to access your account in the new system:

First-Time Login Instructions

If you have never posted solicitations on the State of Michigan's website, fill out the form below and send it to to get set up as a Buyer in Buy4Michigan:

Buy4Michigan Access Form

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

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Applying an Amendment

Requesting a Revision

Award Recommendation

Responses to a Solicitation

Responses to a Bid
Responses to a Revision
Responses to a Reverse Auction
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