2-Year Eligibility Requirement Suspended

At its April 2, 2003 meeting, the Commission deliberated the impact of current administrative rules on law enforcement candidates who are members of military reserve or National Guard units that have been called to active duty. The Commission took notice of candidates who have successfully completed training but have not found law enforcement employment prior to being called into active military service. After due consideration, the Commission moved to suspend the portion of administrative rule that establishes a 2-year time frame for pre-service graduates to become employed as law enforcement officers. This action provides a means for any pre-service candidate, who has been unable to secure law enforcement employment, to pursue a law enforcement career without repeating an academy program. Candidates who, for any reason, have been unable to secure law enforcement employment within one year of successfully completing the training process will now be able to access the Recognition of Prior Training and Experience Program to gain additional eligibility, beyond the former 2-year limit. This change permits returning military veterans to resume their career ambitions by expanding the options available to all pre-service graduates.