State of Michigan Department of Natural Resources ~ Conservation Officer Recruit
Opening Date: 9/11/17
Closing Date: Continuous

TELEPHONE: 517-284-6021

This is the recruit level officer learning and developing the knowledge and abilities required to function as a conservation officer. Responsibilities include learning how to enforce the laws, rules and orders relating to natural resources, environmental protection and general criminal law. Learn to check licenses, permits and species of fish and wildlife. Learn how to investigate complaints. Learn how to issue citations and make arrests for natural resource and criminal violations. Learn the correct procedure when contacting prosecutors and judges, serving warrants, and appearing and testifying in court. Learn how to complete and submit reports, maintain records and files, and respond to public inquiries. Learn how to operate snowmobiles, boats, ORV's, and patrol vehicles, while maintaining them in good working condition. Learn to attend meetings, and take part in departmental programs. Learn to ensure the availability of and how to teach all recreation safety classes. Learn when to provide assistance to other law enforcement agencies. Learn to enforce statutes and regulations that relate directly to public safety.