Mott Community College ~ Public Safety Supervisor (Sergeant)
Opening Date: 11/21/2017
Closing Date: 12/21/2017


This position supervises the work performance and training of police officers, dispatchers, security officers, and student employees, who write criminal and non-criminal reports, memorandums, patrol the campus to prevent crime, conduct criminal and non-criminal investigations, provide physical security, dispatch and answer radio calls for service, provide traffic and crowd control, and perform service oriented functions for the campus.

The Supervisor will assist victims of domestic violence by promoting trust and communication while helping them navigate the legal system and addressing the complexities of domestic violence crimes. The Supervisor will provide information on the various resources that are available to support the victim, such as counseling, support groups, financial assistance and their rights on obtaining a Personal Protection Order (PPO). The Supervisor will serve as a liaison with the 3P Club (Protect, Prevent and Prosecute violence against women) and will be responsible for special projects such as the development of training programs and presentations to the college community and community groups pertaining to domestic violence.

  1. Associate's degree in Business or Administration, Criminal Justice or closely related field.
  2. Law enforcement, firefighter, Paramedic and/or Emergency Medical Technician training.
  3. Current MCOLES or EMT certification or eligibility for re-certification is necessary prior to hire date.
  4. Five years of recent experience as a police officer or as a firefighter and EMT. Experience must be from within the past five (5) years.
  5. Three (3) years of previous supervision experience as a police officer, which may be concurrent with #4 above. (This requirement will be waived for internal promotional opportunities if an internal candidate successfully obtains a minimum passing score of 70% on the First Line Supervisor Exam.)
  6. Must maintain a valid Michigan driver's license and have a good driving record for the past five years. A good driving record must be maintained while employed as a Public Safety Supervisor.
  7. Demonstrated knowledge of domestic violence investigations and ability to respond effectively to associated cases, such as human trafficking, sexual assault, sexual violence, stalking, and other crimes of intimate partner violence. Must understand the criteria of such crimes and the necessary requirements in responding to, and investigating, these crimes.
  8. Demonstrated ability assisting victims of domestic violence; promoting trust and communication, helping victims navigate the legal system and addressing the complexities of domestic violence crimes.
  9. Must know the process for obtaining Personal Protection Orders.