U.S. Capitol Police - Officers
OPENING DATE: 1/1/2015
CLOSING DATE: Continuous

United States Capitol Police - Officers
Website:  http://www.uscapitolpolice.gov/home.php

Age  Must have reached your 21st birthday but have not reached your 37th birthday at the time of appointment. In accordance with Public Law 100.238, this position is covered under law enforcement retirement provisions, therefore candidates must be referred for selection before reaching their 37th birthday unless they presently serve or have previously served in a Federal Civilian Law Enforcement-retirement-covered position. (Hence, the maximum age may be waived with prior qualifying Civilian Federal Law Enforcement Employment). 

Must be a High School graduate or possess a GED certificate
  Must be a United States citizen
Driver's License
Must possess a valid United States driver's license 

Must be in excellent physical health. Weight must be proportionate to height. Vision must be no greater than 20/100 uncorrected, correctable to 20/20 in each eye. 

Must have no record of felony convictions and must not be involved in pending criminal litigation. Prior military service must have been separated under Honorable conditions. 

Must be a mature, responsible individual with a high degree of tact dedicated to a police career. The ability to work with minimum supervision and interest in assisting all Members, employees, and visitors of the Congressional community is also of vital