Michigan's AmeriCorps Site Supervisor of the Month

MI AmeriCorps Site Supervisor of the Month - January 2018: BreAnna Lockhart, AMUS

After serving as an AmeriCorps member with the AmeriCorps Urban Safety Project, BreAnna Lockhart was hired on as staff through Wayne State University.

The AmeriCorps Urban Safety (AMUS) Project works to implement initiatives to increase public safety and decrease victimization in targeted neighborhoods throughout the City of Detroit. AMUS members work with residents and community groups to assist in forming neighborhood block clubs and citizen patrols, recruit and engage landlords and tenants in neighborhood safety and revitalization projects, and implement safe pathways for students who walk and use public transportation in their daily commute to neighborhood schools. Members also network and build coalitions with community organizations, including CDCs, schools, church groups, and police precincts.

In her role, BreAnna is responsible for managing and supervising AmeriCorps members assigned to targeted Detroit neighborhoods. She also helps compile data for the Detroit Police Department analyzing monthly crime statistics. This data helps program staff, police, and community organizers, determine crime “hot spots” and implement strategies to combat crime and empower community residents.

“Since I’ve served with AMUS for Detroit Urban Safety Project, BreAnna has been the best example of being able to do a bit of everything,” stated AmeriCorps member Anthony Brown. “And anything she can’t do, she will learn how to! She’s always there to listen to ideas and offer suggestions for ways to put thoughts into action. Breanna also does a great job determining where members can best be utilized. The individuals I serve with have made my experience much more enjoyable and have helped me develop my leaderships skills. Small things like placing members with certain people can create large impacts. The ways she has shaped every person through tasks she takes on and excels in are immeasurable.”

For more information about the AmeriCorps Urban Safety Project, click here. For more information about AmeriCorps, visit www.americorps.gov.