Michigan's AmeriCorps Site Supervisor of the Month

MI AmeriCorps Site Supervisor of the Month - March 2017: Lisa Carter, AmeriCorps Urban Safety

Lisa Carter is a lifelong resident of the City of Detroit. She attended Detroit Public Schools and graduated from Cass Technical High School. Currently, she works as a Research Assistant and Member Coordinator for the AmeriCorps Urban Safety Project at Wayne State University’s Center for Urban Studies.

The AmeriCorps Urban Safety (AMUS) Project works to implement initiatives to increase public safety and decrease victimization in targeted neighborhoods throughout the City of Detroit. AMUS members work with residents and community groups to assist in forming neighborhood block clubs and citizen patrols, recruit and engage landlords and tenants in neighborhood safety and revitalization projects, and implement safe pathways for students who walk and use public transportation in their daily commute to neighborhood schools. Members also network and build coalitions with community organizations, including CDCs, schools, church groups, and police precincts.

As the Member Coordinator, Lisa is responsible for managing and supervising AmeriCorps members assigned to targeted Detroit neighborhoods, as well as mentoring young men enrolled in the Detroit Youth Service Corps during summer months.

Prior to her involvement with the AmeriCorps Urban Safety Project, Lisa worked for the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, Michigan’s second-largest police agency. During her career, Lisa worked in various divisions including court services, jails, the Juvenile Detention Facility, and the Training Unit. Lisa retired from the Sheriff’s Office at the rank of Lieutenant after serving more than 27 years with the agency.

In November of 2013, Lisa was elected to the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners, representing the residents of District 6. In this position, Lisa works to increase public confidence in the Detroit Police Department by providing accountability through competent, objective, and effective civilian oversight.

Lisa earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Concordia University. She is also a graduate of Eastern Michigan University’s School of Police Staff and Command and Central Michigan University’s Law Enforcement Executive Leadership Institute.

“Lisa is a dedicated leader and mentor,” stated AmeriCorps member Aimee Szabo. “Her no-nonsense approach is balanced by her availability and willingness to help at all times. Her ability to instruct and lead is exemplary. Her demonstrations, training sessions, and presentations always provide valuable, concrete examples to illustrate how our service should be completed. Lisa leads by example and her character shines through in all that she does.”

For more information about the AmeriCorps Urban Safety Project, click here. For more information about AmeriCorps, visit www.americorps.gov