AmeriCorps Urban Safety Project

The AmeriCorps Urban Safety Project (AMUS), operated by Wayne State University – Center for Urban Studies, is a unique Michigan’s AmeriCorps program funded through the Governors/Mayors Initiative. Through the service of 36 full-time and 4 part-time AmeriCorps members, the program strives to increase public safety and decrease victimization in Detroit’s Midtown/North End, East Jefferson, Cody, Osborn, Southwest, University District and Morningside neighborhoods. Each AMUS member participates in one or more of three sets of activities: crime mapping and analysis; improving neighborhood guardianship through community organizing; and reducing victim attractiveness and susceptibility through target hardening.

Counties Served: Wayne

Contact Information:
Ramona Rodriguez-Washington, AmeriCorps Urban Safety Program Director
Wayne State University Center for Urban Studies               
5700 Cass Ave   
2207 A/AB
Detroit, MI 48173             

Phone: (313) 577-0979