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What is the Michigan Emergency Veterinary Network?
The Michigan Emergency Veterinary Network (Vet Net) is a program to provide information to Michigan veterinarians about bioterrorism and emerging animal diseases. The purpose is to create awareness about these issues so Michigan veterinarians will be prepared to recognize and respond to unusual disease events. The program is a joint effort of government, academia, and the private sector.

What happens with Vet Net? Vet Net provides information and training. A notebook was developed and mailed to all Michigan veterinarians in the spring of 2004. Periodic mailings about animal disease issues are sent to add to the notebook. An extensive information resource list has also been distributed. If you have not received the notebook, you may request one from the Michigan Department of Agriculture.

What is the Michigan Veterinary Corps (Vet Corps)?
The Vet Corps is a group of Michigan veterinarians and licensed veterinary technicians willing to help state and federal agencies provide veterinary-related services to Michigan citizens and animals in the event of a large-scale animal health or disaster emergency, an all hazards approach.

What specifically will veterinarians and licensed veterinary technicians in the Veterinary Corps do?
A wide range of tasks related to animal health and public health will be performed. The Vet Corps may be involved with everything from planning and organizing activities to examining and handling animals. Help might be needed to protect the biosecurity of an area or to talk with animal owners about the disease at hand. Any animals could be involved from pets to livestock to wildlife. In the event of natural disasters or other hazards, veterinarians and licensed veterinary technicians may work closely on their local level with emergency management.

How do I sign up?
Contact the Michigan Department of Agriculture. You can reach us via fax, email, or telephone.
Michigan Department of Agriculture
Animal Industry Division
P.O. Box 30017
Lansing, MI 48909
Phone: 1-800-292-3939
Fax: (517) 373-6015

Is training required?
Yes, training is required.

What training will veterinarians and licensed veterinary technicians receive?
The first training will cover an introduction to the incident command system (ICS 100), advanced biosecurity, and communication systems. This training will provide the information most critical to an effective emergency response.

How much training will be needed?
Veterinarians and licensed veterinary technicians will need ongoing training to stay familiar with emerging diseases and how to respond to emergencies. We anticipate four hours per year will be needed, as offered by the Michigan Department of Agriculture.

What other qualifications are there for participating?
Participants need to be licensed veterinarians and accredited by USDA, or licensed veterinary technicians in Michigan.

Where can I get more information about Vet Net and the Michigan Veterinary Corps?
You can contact the Michigan Department of Agriculture at (517) 373-1077 or email neaultm@michigan.gov.



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