Export Documentation and Certificates Links and Information

Export Documentation and Certificates

Below, you will find links and instructions for obtaining necessary documents for the exporting process.

Phytosanitary Certificate: importing countries may require a phytosanitary certificate for any plants or plant products, as well as related regulated goods (such as those processed with plants), to ensure that these goods meet specified requirements and will not introduce regulated pests.

  • Please see this link for more information and to apply for phytosanitary inspection and certification through MDARD.

Certificates of Free Sale: these export certificates are required for various kinds of food products and are used to demonstrate that the product is eligible for export.

NAFTA Certificate of Origin: in order to utilize the duty-free benefits of exporting eligible U.S. products to Canada or Mexico, you must provide a NAFTA certificate of origin to ensure that your product(s) comply with NAFTA's rules of origin. The certificate certifies that the exporter understands the rules origin pertaining to the product being shipped and that the product complies with those rules.

HS and Schedule B Codes: Exporting documentation requires that you know the classification of your product according to its Harmonized System (HS) code and the more specific 6-digit Schedule B code.

Certificate of Apostille: an Apostille or Certificate of Authority certifies your documents intended for use in foreign countries as legally authenticated. The Michigan Office of the Great Seal, and some branches of the Secretary of State, handle Apostilles and Certificates of Authority. Apostilles are used for countries that are party to the Apostille Treaty, while Certificates of Authority can be issued for non-party countries. Apostilles and Certificates of Authority are issued for public documents and are the equivalent of notarization within the United States.

  • Please see this link for information about how to obtain an apostille.

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