Michigan Pavilions at Trade Shows

The International Marketing Program organizes Michigan pavilions at select trade shows for Michigan food and agricultural companies looking to market their products to both domestic and international buyers.

For more information about participating in Michigan pavilions at trade shows, contact the International Marketing Program staff at 517-284-5738 (Jamie) or 517-284-5737 (Allie). 

National Restaurant Association
The American Food Fair Showcase (AFF) (www.restaurant.org or www.nasdatradeshows.org) takes place annually at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL, in conjunction with the National Restaurant Show (NRA). The NRA Show is the largest food service and hospitality trade show in the Western Hemisphere. Over 63,000 registrants attended the 2015 show from 110 countries. 

2017 Michigan Pavilion at AFF:

  • Dates: ​May 20-23, 2017
  • Space application (Available in Fall 2017)
  • Product category (Available in Fall 2017)

To reserve booth space in the 2017 Michigan Pavilion at AFF, please complete the space application once it is made available in the Fall of 2016 and return it via email to zmitkoj@michigan.gov or fax 517-335-0628. 

NRA 2014 Michigan Pavilion

Food Marketing Institute
The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) Connect Show (http://www.fmi.org/) takes place each year at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. The FMI Connect Show is the largest retail show of its kind in North America, drawing more than 13,000 domestic and international industry leaders from over 55 countries. 

2017 Michigan Pavilion at FMI:

  • Dates: ​June 13-15, 2017
  • Check back at a later date for information on the Michigan Pavilion at FMI

Question? Contact International Marketing Program Manager Jamie Zmitko-Somers at 517-284-5738 or zmitkoj@michigan.gov

FMI 2014 MI Pavilion

Americas Food and Beverage
The Americas Food and Beverage Show (http://www.americasfoodandbeverage.com/) takes place each year in Miami, FL. The show focuses on export opportunities in the Americas. The 2015 show had over 11,000 attendees from over 103 countries with 76% of attendees from the U.S. and 24% were international.  

2016 Michigan Pavilion at Americas Food & Beverage Show:

  • Dates: ​September 26-27, 2016
  • The standard booth option is open to all Michigan based food and agricultural companies. 
    • The cost for a 10 x 10 booth space in the Michigan pavilion is $2,900 for non-specialty crop companies. 
    • The cost for a 10x10 booth is $1,450 for specialty crop companies (Specialty Crop Definition - fruits and vegetables, tree nuts, dried fruits, and horticulture products. Processed products shall constitute greater than 50% of the specialty crop by weight, exclusive of added water.) Half booth options are available.
  • To reserve booth space, please complete this space application and return it via email to zmitkoj@michigan.gov or fax to 517-335-0628.  

Findlay's Organics at the 2015 AFB Show