Livestock Animal Drug Testing Service

Equine split sample confirmation testing:  

• This testing is provided only as a service to regulatory equine drug testing laboratories that participate in the "split testing" program.

• $500.00 per drug

• Call to confirm availability - Gina DeWitt-Manager - 517-284-0507


Livestock Show Animal Drug Testing (horse, cattle, sheep etc)  

•  Livestock Drug Testing Supply Request Form - Download Form Here

•  Livestock Drug Testing Supply Request forms should be submitted 30 days before event start date in order to ensure availability and time to ship.

•  Livestock Drug Testing Supply Request forms should be mailed to:


Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural DevelopmentLaboratory  

Equine Drug Testing Program                                                                       

1615 S. Harrison Rd                                                                                       

East Lansing, Michigan 48823     


• Supplies and handling charge (whether samples are collected or not)   $50.00  

• Animal Drug Screening (per sample -urine, blood, hair)   $130.00  

• Confirmation (cost is per drug and confirmation testing is required if screening test is positive)   $500.00  

Questions? Please contact:

Gina DeWitt; Drugs, Disease & Fuel Testing Manager
Phone: 517-284-0507
FAX: 517-284-0457