Terms & Definitions

A product is a pesticide if it makes a claim that it will kill or destroy a pest.  These items are easily available and can generally be purchased over the counter at hardware stores, nurseries and supermarkets. 
Pesticides are classified in the following two categories:

General Use Pesticides:
This is a pesticide that can be generally purchased and used by anyone. RAID or ROUND-UP and other similar products, used to kill household pests or eliminate weeds, are considered general-use pesticides.

Restricted Use Pesticides:
Restricted use pesticides are formulations of pesticides whose use has been classified restricted by the federal  Environmental Protection Agency  (EPA). These products can only be applied by a certified pesticide applicator.

Commercial Pesticide Applicator:
This is a person who is required to obtain pesticide applicator certification credentials from the State of Michigan, who uses or supervises the use of a restricted use pesticide or holds himself or herself out to the public as being in the business of applying pesticides.

Private Pesticide Applicator:
A private pesticide applicator is a certified applicator who uses restricted use pesticides for a private agricultural purpose.

Registered Pesticide Applicator:
A registered applicator is a person who is not a certified applicator and who applies pesticides for a commercial purpose or as a scheduled and required work assignment in the course of his or her employment.