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Tips for Travelers

Traveling can have a large impact on the environment.  Some simple choices that you make before and during your journeys can do their part in protecting the environment.  Here are some suggestions for you as you plan and enjoy your next trip:


Before You Go:


  • Set your thermostat and water heater at low settings so that energy isn't waste while you are gone.
  • Appliances like TVs and VCRs should be unplugged before you leave.  These appliances use energy even when they are "off".  They run in the background so they can turn on immediately when you press a button.
  • Stop your newspaper.  Some newspapers allow you to donate the paper to a school while you are gone.
  • If you are flying, use electronic tickets if possible.  They generate less waste and cost less to replace.
  • Try to stay at a hotel with environmental features.  Look for certifications or memberships in associations (Like Michigan Green Lodging Facilities).


During Your Travels:


  • Participate in hotel environmental programs.  Many hotels have instructions in the room on how to let staff know you don't need your linens or towels changed every day.  If you don't see instructions, ask!
  • Turn off all lights and appliances in your room while you're not there.  Close the drapes.
  • Participate in the hotel's recycling program.
  • If you like to sleep with a night light, bring one with you; don't leave the bathroom light on all night.
  • Resist the urge to grab all those brochures; only take the ones you need.
  • Bring your own camera.  Using a disposable camera generates more waste.
  • If they aren't already, encourage your place of stay to participate in green lodging programs such as Green Lodging Michigan, Green Seal, or become a member of the Green Hotel Association.


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