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Project Funding

MBEP Previously Funded Projects  


Michigan State University - to fund updates and maintenance to the Michigan Biomass Inventory.  Major updates include the incorporation of additional source data and increased user-friendliness.  Maps showing the top locations for anaerobic digestion, direct combustion, gasification, have also been developed. 
Michigan Biomass Inventory


Lansing Board of Water and Light - to test the use of biomass fuel in LBWL's existing electric generating plant, at mixture rates with traditional coal of 5% and 10%.  The goal of the test burns is to determine the impact to the boiler and auxiliaries of burning a non-design biofuel and identify any associated technical challenges with the co-firing process, while also maximizing capacity and performance.
Final Report 

Wyandotte Municipal Services - to assess the feasibility and supplier options for co-firing untreated woody biomass in Boiler #8.  The goal of WMS is to produce up to 7 MW (30%) of electricity in Boiler #8 from woody biomass by 2025.  The results of this study will also help set the stage for WMS to further investigate firing up to 100% biomass in its other primary 20 MW boiler (#7) down the road.
Final Report 
Appendices A-H 
Appendices I-R 
Appendices S-CC 


Lake Superior State University - to demonstrate the production and use of reed canary grass pellets to fire a pellet stove in a publicly accessible location. The data will generate a technical and economic case for the future use of reed canary grass as a heating fuel. 
Final Report 
Technical Report 
Non-technical Report 
Standard Operating Procedures 
Project Overview 

Traverse Bay Economic Development Corporation - to conduct a feasibility study which will determine the availability of waste wood within a reasonable radius from a proposed biomass power plant in Mancelona, Michigan. The study will provide necessary information regarding the feedstock needs of a 36 megawatt wood fired electrical plant.  
Final Report 

Michigan State University - to prescreen and test biogas potential at large farms and other locations appropriate to support centralized anaerobic digesters.  The resulting data will be instrumental in encouraging the development of this technology. 
Fact Sheet 
Final Report 

Michigan State University - to conduct a statewide feedstock assessment which examines the type, supply, location, and energy potential of Michigan waste biomass resources.  A formal written report will be produced as well as an online GIS based map and will be disseminated to interested parties throughout the state. 
Final Report 
Presentation #1 
Presentation #2 
Michigan Biomass Inventory


Michigan Department of Agriculture - to develop analytical data on the effluent quality of a variety of agricultural by-products treated by anaerobic digesters. This data will develop a better understanding of the benefits of co-feeding digester systems.
Final Report 

Kettering University - to develop a snowmobile operating on E85 for use in the 2008 Clean Snowmobile Challenge, display at the 2007 Snowmobile Expo and other venues, and disseminate project results in technical papers and presentations. 

Laker Public School District - to install a biomass boiler at the Laker Superintendent's residence, which is owned and operated by Laker Schools, and hold workshops to educate the public on biomass boiler use in MI. 


Clean Energy Coalition - to develop a marketing campaign and materials to expand public awareness and use of biofuels 

Western Michigan University - to enable the expansion of their biofuel distribution partnerships to include the cities of Portage and Kalamazoo 

Michigan Turfgrass Foundation/Michigan State University - to test the feasibility of using pelletized grass clippings for heating buildings 

Lake Superior State University/Michigan State University - Lake Superior State University recently completed a study, funded by the Michigan Biomass Energy Program, which examined reed canary grass as a pellet fuel for heating. In the Eastern Upper Peninsula (EUP), it is considered a nuisance species by wildlife agencies and grows abundantly in fields that are too wet for other uses. This study examines the: 1) energy yield (BTU's) per acre 2) the ash content 3) whether the energy yield and ash content vary with mid and late fall harvesting and 4) the cost comparison of reed canary grass to other fuels. 

University of Michigan Dearborn - to evaluate the performance of a small direct injection diesel engine when operating on soy-based biodiesel blends 

Southeast Michigan Resource Conservation & Development Council - to conduct a statewide study of Michigan's boilers to identify candidates for biomass boiler retrofit or replacement


City of Ann Arbor - to conduct applied research to asses the feasibility and determine the details of deploying an integrated and innovative combined heat and power system at its municipal wastewater treatment plant

Kettering University - to conduct emissions testing of commercially available diesel engines using different levels of biodiesel blended fuels to demonstrate their emissions reductions

Saginaw Valley State University - to build a pilot plant that demonstrates the economic value of integrating ethanol and biodiesel production into a greenhouse which can provide year round employment while efficiently utilizing the same chemical reactor equipment

John Ball Zoological Garden - to conduct a feasibility study to determine whether JBZG biomass resources are of a sufficient quantity and type to support onsite energy production

City of Ecorse - to initiate the "start up" phase of a biodiesel processing facility, promoting biodiesel as an alternative, sustainable energy source, while laying the groundwork for the city's new Eco-Technology Park

NextEnergy - to provide incentives for the installation of or conversion to E85 and B20 infrastructure at strategic retail locations throughout Michigan


West Michigan Livestock Producers/Michigan Allied Poultry Industries -  to fund a feasibility study for a regional anaerobic digester.  
Executive Summary 
Full Report 

WARM  -  to purchase a used Jetta that can be fuelled with biodiesel and develop a biofuel car co-operative service in Detroit. 

Leidel Energy Services  - to design a small-scale biodiesel processor and demonstrate its use to various audiences.

Michigan DNR Parks and Recreation - to fund a pilot project for the purchase of biodiesel infrastructure to allow splash blending of biodiesel for park vehicles and equipment. 

City of East Lansing  - to install a B20 pump at their new Public Works Facility 


Urban Options - to educate students about biofuels and conduct a biofuel motor rally 

Kettering University - to develop a web page on the use of ethanol-blended fuels

Michigan Allied Poultry Industries - to complete a feasibility study for the use of poultry litter to create energy

Michigan State University - to demonstrate the use of a fixed film anaerobic digester to create energy from dairy manure

Grand Valley State University - to educate students, marina operators and boaters about the use of biodiesel fuel in marine applications

Calhoun Conservation District - to educate teachers, students and farmers about biomass energy


Michigan Association of Conservation Districts - to educate Michigan teachers and students about biomass energy

City of Grand Rapids - to convert waste vegetable cooking oil into biodiesel


U of M/Dearborn - research on ethanol use in small engines

Kettering University - to demonstrate the benefits of ethanol use in snowmobiles


Kettering University - to modify a snowmobile to run on E-85

Central Michigan University - sugarbeet pulp to ethanol research

Corn Marketing Program - to demonstrate the use of 85% ethanol blends in aviation

Michigan Innovative Farmers Assn. - Phase II testing for vegetable-based/biodegradable motor oil

Kettering University - to improve ethanol vehicles cold-start performance


Michigan Innovative Farmers Assn. - Phase I testing for vegetable-based/biodegradable motor oil

Kettering University - to participate in the 2000 National Ethanol Vehicle Challenge


Central Michigan University - sugarbeet pulp to ethanol research

Kettering University - to participate in the 1999 National Ethanol Vehicle Challenge


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