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Public Building Energy Efficiency

Michigan's public sector buildings are more costly to operate as a result of rising energy prices and demand. Many public agencies occupy buildings with older, inefficient heating, cooling, ventilating, lighting, and control systems and inadequate maintenance. To improve energy efficiency, building managers need accurate information, and technical assistance. The Michigan Energy Office offers such services through the Rebuild Michigan Program to encourage Michigan's public schools, state and local governments and public housing authorities to invest wisely in energy efficiency.


Rebuild Michigan services are available to Michigan public buildings including free walk-through energy analyses for facilities that want to upgrade their building(s) with better technology and maintenance. State facilities may also request assistance with project feasibility studies, performance contracting and technical training. Workshops, contracts and grant opportunities that support energy efficiency efforts in public buildings are listed at this site.


• State Facility Energy Efficiency The Michigan Energy Office offers a mix of information, programs and services to encourage Michigan's state facilities to invest wisely in building energy efficiency.

• Rebuild Michigan Rebuild Michigan is designed to foster partnerships that promote increased energy efficiency within a community. Partners may include local governments, schools, universities, businesses, utilities and other interested groups.

Grants and Contracts

• Nothing available at this time.

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