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20 Energy Tips for Cooling

20 Energy Efficiency Tips for Cooling
  1. Close windows and doors during hot days and open them at night.
  2. On hot days, close drapes and shades.
  3. On moderate days, turn off the air conditioner and open windows.
  4. Keep out the daytime sun with vertical louvers or awnings on the outside of windows.
  5. Reduce use of oven, incandescent lights, and appliances that generate heat. If possible, use them in the evening or early morning.
  6. Use a microwave oven rather than a regular oven.
  7. Wear loose and light colored clothing and use mesh furniture that allows your skin to breathe.
  8. Use fans to cool individual rooms. Consider installing a whole house fan.
  9. Caulk, weatherstrip, and reglaze old windows.
  10. When replacing windows, install Low-E windows and look for the ENERGY STAR logo which indicates a high efficiency window.
  11. Install window films on windows and skylights.
  12. Use light colors when painting a house and select lighter color roofing materials.
  13. Plant shade deciduous trees on the sunny side of the house.
  14. Keep the outside of air-conditioning units free from leaves and other debris that can clog vents.
  15. Keep cooling systems well tuned with periodic maintenance by service professionals.
  16. Clean or replace the air filter once a month.
  17. Set the air conditioner thermostat as high as possible - 78 degrees is often considered a comfortable indoor temperature and can result in big savings. A programmable thermostat can set the temperature higher for times when you are gone.
  18. If purchasing a new air conditioner, look for the ENERGY STAR logo which indicates a high efficiency product.
  19. Insulate and weatherize your house - stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  20. Get a home energy rating to evaluate home energy improvements.
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