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Rebuild Michigan Energy Services 2006 Technical Consultants Webcast January 10, 2006

General Information

Who should attend Who should attend this webcast?

This webcast is for businesses or individuals who are currently offering Technical Energy Analysis (TEA) services for institutional buildings in Michigan. You should plan to attend if you are an energy consultant, engineer or architect who wishes to participate in the 2006 Rebuild Michigan Program.   Click here for more program information.

 Why attend this webcast?

·         Attendance at this webcast is required for 2006 program participation.

·         To receive updated guidelines & program information

·         To receive additional information about opportunities the Energy Office has planned for the upcomming year.


January 10, 9:00-10:00am , is designed for those consultants who participated in Rebuild Michigan in 2004 and 2005.  The focus will be to cover 2005 program acheivements and program changes for 2006.


Attendance is required at one of these two webcasts for your companies' participation in the 2006 Rebuild Michigan Program.


Webcast Materials

Please Evaluate this Webcast By Completing this Evaluation Form.  Thank you!

The following materials will be presented or discussed at the January 10, 2006 webcast:



     Program Review - Tim Shireman

     Marketing the Success of Your Projects - John Anderson

     Unique Projects, Thinking Outside the Box - Kevin Cook

     What's New in 2006 - Brandy Minikey

2006 TEA Guidelines and Appendices

Rebuild Michigan Program Brochure

MMBA Financing Brochure

Energy Star Incentive

Speaker Biographies
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