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Biomass Energy Publications


Michigan Agricultural Statistics 
Author: Michigan Department of Agriculture
Year: Various

The World of Corn
Author: National Corn Growers Association
Year: 2005

2003 National Resources Inventory 
Author: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
Year: 2005

Energy Crops 

Energy Crops and Their Potential Development in Michigan 
Author: Kelly Launder, MBEP
Year: 2002

Anaerobic Digestion 

Methane Digester Conference-Proceedings - Hillsdale, MI
Year: 2003

Agricultural Biogas Casebook and 2004 Update 
Author: Prepared for the Great Lakes Regional Biomass Energy Program
Year: 2002

Final Report: Haubenschild Farms Anaerobic Digester 
Author: Carl Nelson, John Lamb
Year: 2000

Dairy Waste Anaerobic Digestion Handbook 
Author: Dennis Burke
Year: 2001

Managing Manure with Biogas Recovery Systems 
Author: United States Environmental Protection Agency
Year: Winter 2002

Industry Directory for On-Farm Biogas Recovery - 1st and Second Editions
Author: United States Environmental Protection Agency Updated

Alternative Fuels 

Transportation Energy Efficiency and Clean Cities (DELEG) 

State Alternative Fuel Vehicle Incentives: A Decade and More of Lessons Learned 
Author: National Conference of State Legislatures
Year: 2002

Ownership Matters: Three Steps to Ensure a Biofuels Industry that Truly Benefits Rural America 
Author: David Morris, Institute for Local Self-Reliance
Year: 2006


Biodiesel: Handling and Use Guidelines 
Author: DOE-National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Year: 2009 

Business Management for Biodiesel Producers 
Author: Jon Van Gerpen, Iowa State University
Year: 2004


Control of Exhaust Emissions from Small Engines Using E-10 and E-85 Fuels-MBEP Final Report 
Author: Dr. Keshav Varde
Year: 2002

Enzymatic Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation (SSF) of Biomass To Ethanol-GLREP Final Report 
Author: Clark Dale
Year: 2002

From Promise to Purpose: Opportunities and Constraints for Ethanol-Based Transportation Fuels 
Author: Kelly Launder
Year: 2001

2001 Ethanol Plant Development Handbook: Points to Consider
Author: Bryan & Bryan International
Year: 2001

Development of Technologies to Improve Cold Start Performance of Ethanol Vehicles-MBEP Final Report 
Author: Greg Davis, Kettering University
Year: 2001

Development of Technologies to Allow the Use of Ethanol Blended Fuels in Snowmobiles-MBEP Final Report
Author: Greg Davis, Kettering University
Year: 2001

Demonstrating the Use and Benefits of Ethanol Blended Fuels in Snowmobiles-MBEP Final Report
Author: Greg Davis, Kettering University
Year: 2002

Emissions from Snowmobile Engines using Bio-Based Fuels and Lubricants 
Author: Jeff White, Montana DEQ
Year: 2006

Ethanol-Diesel Blends: A Step Towards a Bio-based Fuel for Diesel Engines
Author: Alan Hansen, Peter Lyne, Qin Zhang
Year: 2001

Handbook For Handling, Storing, and Dispensing E85 
Author: U.S. Department of Energy, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Year: 2002

Fuel Ethanol Industry Directory 
Author: BBI International
Year: 2006

2003 Fuel Ethanol Fact Book

Author: Clean Fuels Development Coalition
Year: 2003:

Ethanol Industry Outlook 
Author: Renewable Fuels Association
Year: 2006


Biomass Energy Resource Center (BERC) 

Bioenergy Feedstock Information Network (BFIN) Administration Site 
Year: 2006

Bioenergy Status and Expansion in the United States
Author: Lynn Wright
Year: 2000

Biomass: Which Road to Take
Author : David Morris
Year: 2001

Parallel Combustion of Biomass
Author: CADDET
Year: 2000


Combined Heat and Power Resource Guide 
Author: Midwest CHP Application Center
Year: 2003

Combined Heat and Power Resource Guide 
Author: United States Department of Energy
Year: September, 2003

Renewable Energy 

Clean Power Surge: Ranking the States 
Author: Union of Concerned Scientists
Year: 2003

Solid Waste 

Biogas Use Analysis and Energy Efficiency Evaluation
Author: City of Lansing Wastewater Treatment Facility
Year: 2002

Wood Supply 

Michigan Recycles Materials Market Directory 
Author: Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Year: 2006

Ash Utilization Options Project 
Author:Southeast MI RC&D

Michigan Wood Energy Cost Calculator 
Author:Southeast MI RC&D Council

Wood Products Inventory 
Author:Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Michigan's Forest Resources in 2001 
Author: Erich Leatherberry and Gary Brand
Year: 2001

Wood Waste 

Develop and GIS based Tool for estimating Supply Curves for Forest Thinnings and Residue to Biomass Facilities in California
Author: Dept. of Biological and Ag. Engineering
Year: 2003

Processing Cost Analysis for Biomass Feedstocks
Author: Philip C. Badger
Year: 2002

Clean Energy From Wood Residues in Michigan 
Author: Dulcey SImpkins, Michigan Biomass Energy Program
Year: 2006

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