MDCH Pandemic Plan (v4.0) Redacted

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In September 2009, the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) released their updated Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), which is maintained in accordance with the Michigan Emergency Management Act (1976 PA 390). The MDCH-EOP serves as the department's core document, and provides an overview of the department's emergency response organization and policies.

The MDCH-EOP has 13 functional annexes which are organized around the performance of a single critical function the department will perform in response to an emergency. Annex 12 of the MDCH-EOP focuses on pandemic influenza. In late January 2010, the MDCH director approved the updated version of MDCH's Pandemic Plan. A redacted version of this plan, which eliminates sensitive countermeasure distribution and security information, is available for public viewing and distribution.