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    Michigan Recovery Council



    To transform the public mental health system so that recovery is the foundation of the service delivery system for people with mental illness.


    To transform the public mental health system so that each person can achieve their recovery by:

    • Promoting consumer control, empowerment, self-determination and peer supports.
    • Promoting partnerships and creating a network of consumers and interested others who will promote the recovery message.
    • Providing leadership, education, training, and technical assistance on recovery.
    • Recommending systems, policies and practices that support recovery.


    We Value:

    • Hope - a system made up of those who give hope and those who receive hope.
    • The right to pursue and achieve happiness.
    • Consumers checking on the quality of services and supports provided.
    • Consumer leadership at all levels of the system.

    Recovery Council Roster

    1. List of Members

    2. List of Partners

    Meeting Minutes

    Minutes January 2010 Minutes March 2010 Minutes May 2010
    Minutes July 2010 Minutes September 2010 Minutes November 2010
    January 28 2011 Minutes March 18, 2011 Minutes May 20, 2011 Minutes
    July 14 2011 Minutes September 11 2011 Minutes Minutes November 2011

    MDCH Communications:

    Recovery Enhancing Environment Statewide Report Memo

    Recovery Enhancing Environment (REE) Measure / Final Report

    Recovery Policy and Practice Advisory

    System of care based in recovery for adults with mental illness

    US Department of Health and Human Services Memo

    17.3.H.1. Peer Specialist Services from the Medicaid Provider Manual

    101 Ways to Facilitate Recovery

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