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NBS Header Newborn Screening

Newborn Screening is a public health program required by Michigan law to find babies with rare but serious disorders that require early treatment.  All babies need to be tested in order to find the small number who look healthy but have a rare medical condition.  Babies with these conditions seem healthy at birth but can become very sick in a short time.  Each year more than 200 Michigan babies - one in every 500 to 600 births- are found to have a disorder detected by newborn screening. 

50 Years of Newborn Screening

marks the 50th Anniversary of the Michigan Newborn Screening Program! Learn more about how Michigan is celebrating this special event!


The Newborn Screening Program is conducted jointly by the
Bureau of Disease Control, Prevention and Epidemiology and the 
Bureau Laboratories

The Program efforts:  

  1. Assure that all Michigan infants receive newborn screening. 
  2. Provide follow-up for infants with positive screening tests, ensuring access to treatment. 
  3. Provide long-term follow-up and monitoring of health outcomes 

State of Michigan Links: 

Michigan Department of
Community Health 

Genomics and
Genetic Disorders 

Michigan BioTrust for Health  

Michigan Critical Congenial Heart Disease Newborn Screening Program

Michigan Hemoglobinopathy Surveillance Quality Improvement Program

Diet for Life - Treatment for Inborn Errors of Metabolism

Michigan Early Hearing Detection and
Intervention Program 

Newborn Screening Laboratory  


National Links: 

CDC Newborn Screening  

National NBS and
Genetics Resource Center 

Baby's First Test

Region 4 Genetics Collaborative  

Save Babies through
Screening Foundation 

Contact:  Newborn Screening Follow-up Program
Phone:  866-673-9939

Genomics and Genetic Disorders Section 

Lifecourse Epidemiology and Genomics Division 
P.O. Box 30195
201 Townsend Street, CV 4th floor
Lansing, Michigan  48909-30195

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