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    Clinical Sites, Students, Schools: Click here for the online application/enrollment system 

    For More Information
    Please contact the M-SEARCH Support Team at: or 517-853-3945.

    What is SEARCH?
    The SEARCH program facilitates the matching of interested health professional students/residents with primary care practice sites and clinical preceptors in underserved communities. Eligible students include...

    Click here for: Community project examples, information pertaining to students, and the Online Clinical Rotation Database.
    Click here for: benefits of enrolling in M-Search, and the Online Clinical Rotation Database
    Click here for: Benefits of enrolling in M-SEARCH, information pertaining to clinical sites, and the Online Clinical Rotation Database
    Click here for: Suggested training books, and interactive preceptor training programs.
    Click here for: Links to sources containing information pertinent to M-SEARCH.

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