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Statewide Trauma System

Michigan is currently in the process of developing a statewide all-inclusive trauma system.  The goal of which is to establish criteria for identifying and categorizing the trauma resources of all hospitals in Michigan.  In addition, adult and pediatric triage and transport guidelines are being established to help insure that patients receive optimal care during the critical "golden hour".

The collection of all trauma data is a critical element of creating this system, and all hospitals that receive trauma patients will collect and submit data to a state trauma data bank, which will allow for the linking of pre-hospital and hospital data to assist in evaluating system performance, education, and injury prevention needs, as well as to link with other databases to facilitate syndromic surveillance.

STAC Membership (Updated: 10/2013) 
Trauma Administrative Rules (Updated: 10/2009) 
2014 STAC Meeting Schedule (Updated: 10/2013)

Advisory Group

Statewide Trauma Advisory Committee (STAC) is a subcommittee of the Emergency Medical Services Coordination Committee (EMSCC) and serves as the department's subject matter experts with regards to the clinical and operational components of the trauma system.  In 2004, legislation was passed which established the STAC and described its purpose, composition, and relationship as part of the EMSCC.  STAC's membership is strictly defined in the statute.  Members are appointed by the Director of the Michigan Department of Community Health and serve a 4 year term.

Statewide Trauma Registry
Participation in the statewide trauma registry is an essential component of a regionalized accountable and coordinated trauma system.  Designation as a trauma facility in Michigan requires that hospitals participate in the state trauma registry.  Image Trend, Inc. provides the data collection software for the Michigan Trauma Registry and the Michigan EMS Information System (Mi-EMSIS).

The Office of Legal Affairs within the Michigan Depatment of Community Health has developed the following documents to provide clarification with respect to confidentiality/privacy issues as it pertains to the data collection/retention process:

MDCH Authorities and Obiligations (Updated: 11/19/13)
Data Use and Non-Disclosure Agreement (Updated 11/19/13)
User Agreement (Updated 11/19/13)

Regional Trauma System

The regional trauma system structure is described in the amended Administratie Rules by authority conferred on the Department of Community Health by Michigan Compiled Laws (MCL) 333.9227 and 333.20910 of 1978 Public Act 368; 2004 Public Act 580, 581, and 582.

A Regional Trauma Network (RTN) is an organized group comprised of local Medical Control Authorities (MCA).  MCA's are hospitals who operate 24/7 per statute, which integrate into existing preparedness regions.  RTN's are responsible for appointing a Regional Trauma Advisory Council (RTAC), a Regional Professional Standards Review Organization (RPSRO), and creating a regional trauma plan.

The Regional Trauma Advisory Committee is a committee established by the RTN and is comprised of MCA personnel, EMS personnel, life support agency representatives, healthcare facilities representatives, physicians, nurses, and consumers.  The functions of the RTAC are to provide leadership and direction on matters related to trauma systems development in their region, including, but not limited to, the review of trauma deaths and preventable complications.

The RPSRO is a committee established by the RTN for the purpose of improving the quality of trauma care within a recognized trauma region.

Region 1

2014 Region 1 RTAC/RTN Meeting Schedule

Region 2N

2014 Region 2N RTAC/RTN Meeting Schedule

Region 2S

2014 Region 2S RTAC/RTN Meeting Schedule

Region 3

2014 Region 3 RTAC/RTN Meeting Schedule

Region 5

2014 Region 5 RTAC/RTN Meeting Schedule

Region 6

2014 Region 6 RTAC/RTN Meeting Schedule

Region 7

2014 Region 7 RTAC Meeting Schedule

Region 8

2014 Region 8 RTAC Meeting Schedule
2014 Region 8 RTN Meeting Schedule

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