Michigan Call to Action to Reduce and Prevent Infant Mortality Summit

The Michigan Call to Action to Reduce and Prevent Infant Mortality summit took place on Monday, Oct. 17 at the Ann Arbor Marriott at Eagle Crest in Ypsilanti.

Infant Mortality Summit Final Report

Governor Rick Snyder presented opening remarks, followed by a presentation on infant mortality rates in Michigan by Dr. Lawrence Reynolds, President and CEO, Mott Children's Medical Center; Dr. Mouhanad Hammami, Acting Health Officer, Chief of Health Operations, Wayne County Department of Health and Human Services; and Dr. Valerie Parisi, Dean of the Wayne State University School of Medicine. MDCH Director Olga Dazzo issued a charge to the workgroups before the breakout sessions began and encouraged summit participants to work together to reduce the number of infant deaths in Michigan.

Dr. Lawrence Reynolds, President and CEO of Mott Children's Health Center, emphasizes a point at the Infant Mortality SummitDr. Lawrence Reynolds

Nearly 300 participants from across the state gathered and presented their strategic priorities to MDCH for reducing and preventing the infant mortality rate. Public Sector Consultants, Inc. is compiling a report on the recommendations. These recommendations will guide MDCH as it refines and strengthens the work plan to reduce infant mortality and improve the quality of life in Michigan.

Governor Rick SnyderGovernor Rick Snyder, left, and MDCH Director Olga Dazzo, right, address the Summit participantsMDCH Director Olga Dazzo

Some themes identified as necessary for reducing infant mortality did emerge from the work group discussions:

  • Broad cultural change to recognize the importance of improving the health of women and girls over the life course;
  • Increased awareness of and attention to the influence of place, race, class, and gender on women's health and infant mortality;
  • Education for youth, women, families, health care providers, and the community as a whole;
  • Consistent messaging using intergenerational messages and multiple media.

Summit Media Kit

Summit sponsors include Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, United Healthcare Great Lakes Health Plan, Early Childhood Investment Corporation and WIC.