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Licensing, Certification, Training

Information for the Substance Use Disorder Service System

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Substance Abuse Programs:

Program Licensure
A Substance Abuse Treatment or Prevention License is required for any organization offering, or purporting to offer, Substance Abuse Treatment, Rehabilitation, or Prevention.

License applications, rules, and how to apply
Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA)
Bureau of Health Professions, Substance Abuse Licensing Section
Call: 517-241-1970     Email:
Please visit the Substance Abuse Program Licensure website or Michigan Business One Stop for more information.

Look up license information in LARA's database:   Can search by name or license number (also can enter SA* in the License Number field to list all licensed substance abuse services programs, or use "* wildcard" with beginning of the program name if don't know the whole name [i.g.: car*]).
Verify a License/Registration– Select Business and for Profession, from the drop-down menu, choose Health Systems Facilities.
  Shows licensed services, complaints, and disciplinary action (if any).
Service Description Acronyms:
CAIT – Community Change, Alternatives, Information, and Training (Prevention)
SARF – Screening, Assessment, Referral, and Follow-up

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs who receive funds through the Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Administration are required to be accredited by one of six national bodies:

** Also accredits opioid treatment programs.

Substance Abuse Program Staff:

Certification is required for persons in specific job classifications that provide substance use disorder treatment or prevention services through the regional coordinating agency provider network. (The public sometimes refers to this as an "addiction counselor license.")
Certification codes include CCS, CADC, CAADC, CCJP, CCDP, CPS, and CPC –M.

Michigan Certification Board for Addiction Professionals (MCBAP)
Call: 517-347-0891     Email:     Website:
Verify an individual's certification at MCBAP Certified Professionals Online Verification webpage.

Michigan's IC&RC Certification Organization:

Other Certification Organizations:

Credentialing and Staff Qualification Requirements for the Coordinating Agency Provider Network
This contract attachment outlines requirements for credentialing and staff qualifications throughout the substance abuse coordinating agency (CA) provider network.

Continuing Education / Training
MI-PTE Online Training
Trainings available include: Recipient Rights, Confidentiality, Level 1 Communicable Disease, and Strategic Prevention Framework courses.

Professional Licensure:

Licenses for professional counselors, social workers, or psychologists, permit the provision of substance abuse treatment. However, individuals who work in licensed substance abuse programs are allowed an exception from such licensing requirements, but are required to follow the certification requirements noted above.

Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA)
Bureau of Health Professions, Licensing Section
Call: 517-335-0918     Email:
Board of: Counseling, Psychology, and Social Work

Call the following concerning license renewal:

Clinics: 517-335-9188
Health Professions: 517-335-0918
Nursing Homes/Hospitals: 517-334-8408
Pharmaceuticals: 517-335-4845
Substance Abuse Programs: 517-241-1970     or see Program Licensure above
Other: 517-241-9288

Call the following concerning certification:

MCBAP: 517-347-0891

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