Commission Plan To Promote Diversity In Compliance With Proposal 2

Contact: Harold Core 517-241-3986
Agency: Civil Rights

March 7, 2007

Lansing, MI - Today the Michigan Civil Rights Commission voted to adopt a Report that examines the impact of Proposal 2 on Michigan, and makes recommendations for continuing to promote diversity and equal opportunity in compliance with the constitutional amendment. The Report was created in response to Governor Granholm's Executive Directive 2006-7, charging the Commission with investigating the impact of Proposal 2 on the state's efforts related to diversity and equal opportunity.

"We believe this Report represents a solid plan for promoting diversity in a manner that complies with Proposal 2," said Commission Chair Mohammed Abbdraboh. "Our state's businesses need a diverse, culturally competent and highly educated workforce to compete in the global economy, while the voters have clarified that preferences based solely on race or gender are not the means of achieving diversity. This plan merges both interests into what's best for Michigan."

The Report is the result of three months of investigation, including meetings with other state departments, a detailed review of relevant state statutes, and a review of best practices in other states. Also included in the Report are recommendations that provide a roadmap for continued promotion of diversity by means within the constitutional limitations.

"With this Report, the Commission and Department confirm that Proposal 2 does not mean the end of equal opportunity or diversity in Michigan," said Linda V. Parker, Director of the Michigan Department of Civil Rights. "Proposal 2 was a clear objection to one method of securing diversity and equal opportunity. We believe that the goal of promoting diversity and the message behind Proposal 2 are not mutually exclusive."

The Report, which was adopted by the Commission today, was presented to the Governor, immediately following the Commission's vote. The Report, along with a Fact Sheet and Executive Summary will be available on the Department's website following the Commission's meeting.

For more information on the Civil Rights Commission or Department of Civil Rights, visit or call 1-800-482-3604.

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