Outreach and Education

MDCR provides Outreach and Education activities in collaboration with governmental units, community-based organizations, law enforcement, advocacy groups, educational institutions, and the private sector. These activities include networking, partnership, presentations, crisis intervention, training, and technical assistance.


Outreach by MDCR colleagues may generate work that evolves into an educational presentation or a partnership between the Department and another group, or working relationships that promote MDCR in the community. Outreach includes networking at community events, keeping abreast of current issues, and sharing information for future interventions.


Education by MDCR colleagues gives customers information about Civil Rights laws and enhances awareness of civil rights issues. It provides a resource for the proactive prevention of discrimination. Education includes the following topics: Disability, Diversity, Diversity for Schools, Sexual Harassment for Employees, Sexual Harassment for Managers, Housing, and General Civil Rights Law. Requests for presentations should be sent to MDCR-INFO@Michigan.gov.